Photography Challenge Day 3. Or maybe 4.

As you may recall, I am doing this photography challenge. Well, today I ran into something challenging: today is day 3, and I was supposed to take a picture of clouds; unfortunately today was a beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in sight. Maybe if I was more creative I could have come up with something, like taking a picture of cotton balls? I don’t know. Or maybe if I spent more time outside I’d have been able to find a cloud at some point today. However, I am neither super creative nor outdoorsy so my solution was to skip day 3 and move straight on to day 4 (and once I see some clouds I will go back to day 3).

So today’s new photography challenge: Something green.


I must admit this attempt was a bit half-hearted because by the time I got to it the sun was almost gone. So to make up for it here’s another something green from yesterday.012314ap1230033


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