Logan Photo Shoot

This afternoon my wonderful husband let me take pictures of him to practice my portrait photography. I learned quite a bit!

Here are my favorites:







Goofing Around


Obligatory Puppy Post



Photography Challenge Day 5: From a High Angle

A picture of my wonderful husband from our photo shoot today. To get this angle not only did I have to stand on a chair, but he had to kneel as well.


Some Thoughts on Portrait Photography

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with the lovely Becca, but unfortunately I feel like all the pictures turned out disappointingly similar and mediocre. So I did more research into how to take stunning portraits. My search led me to this article, which really inspired me to thoroughly think things through more before going to a shoot. I now realize that there is a huge difference between portraits and all other photography. Since inanimate objects and animals have no concept of a camera, they cannot be camera shy and therefore continue to act like themselves, however with people it seems that one must find out who that person is and then direct them in how to best be themselves.

Photography Challenge Day 3. Or maybe 4.

As you may recall, I am doing this photography challenge. Well, today I ran into something challenging: today is day 3, and I was supposed to take a picture of clouds; unfortunately today was a beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in sight. Maybe if I was more creative I could have come up with something, like taking a picture of cotton balls? I don’t know. Or maybe if I spent more time outside I’d have been able to find a cloud at some point today. However, I am neither super creative nor outdoorsy so my solution was to skip day 3 and move straight on to day 4 (and once I see some clouds I will go back to day 3).

So today’s new photography challenge: Something green.


I must admit this attempt was a bit half-hearted because by the time I got to it the sun was almost gone. So to make up for it here’s another something green from yesterday.012314ap1230033

Photography Challenge Day 2: What you wore today




I have to admit, I feel a little self conscious posting these as I do not think they are my best work. However, the point of the photography challenge is to push the borders of my comfort zone, not to create the most amazing pictures, so I’m posting them even though I find them a little boring.

The top one is by far my favorite, I like how much texture it has,  how the vintage lettering really pops out, and how the eye is drawn to the small Hard Rock Cafe logo that normally goes unnoticed.

Photography Challenge Day 1 Self Portrait

Today I am starting a 30 day photography challenge. (The particular one I am doing right now can be found here)

Today’s challenge: Self Portrait. Taking a selfie is way more difficult than I had previously thought, but after a while I got the hang of it. Here is the result (after photoshop, of course!)


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